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This site is not about competing with the other anti-paypal sites out there. If other sites can draw more traffic, make a larger splash than this one, or bring PayPal to its knees, then Screw-PayPal.com's support goes out to them!

This site is about informing, warning and helping out with your PayPal problems. This is my contribution to the fight. As with all contributions that a person makes, we do it within the limits of our abilities. Other anti-PayPal sites have done what they can (or are willing to do) and I have done the same. The result is this website.

My PayPal accounts have been limited/frozen for four years now. I have been trying to get MY money back for four years. I have been making calls, writing letters and emails to PayPal for four years. I have been listening to why I cannot get MY money out of my account for FOUR YEARS. In June of 2007, I finally had enough. I sent yet another email to PayPal and I got a reply back that had nothing to do with what I had written them. Was anybody even reading my emails? Did anybody really care? Was it right that I was begging them for MY MONEY back?

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I was so angry, and felt so helpless and worthless, that I decided to go public and fight back. This is my "horror story" and how Screw-PayPal.com got started.

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My Horror Story

I started using eBay in June, 2003. When I began using my eBay account to make purchases, I always sent the sellers checks or various kinds of money orders. I never had a problem. Like most eBay users, I then used my eBay account to start selling stuff around the house that I did not want anymore. I accepted only checks or various kinds of money orders. Again, I never had a problem.

In August of 2003, I decided to create a business that had to do with a hobby of mine. I created a business plan, got the proper permits and licenses I needed, got the money together to start and contacted qualified suppliers that I could use. As a seller, I only accepted checks and various kinds of money orders. I had heard of PayPal, but had no need to use them.

My first month in business, I took in over $100,000 gross (total revenue). Buyers received their items, I received my money and both parties were happy.

My second month in business, I took in over $250,000 gross (total monthly revenue). Again, buyers received their items, I received my money and both parties were happy. At this time I left my full time job and began to work 18 hours a day PLUS to keep this business going.

By October 2003, the business was doing so well in fact, I moved my business (from my home) to a commercial office center. I signed a three year lease and hired three additional persons to help run this business. In a period of three months, I went from frustrated time-clock puncher to running my own business with my own employees. The business prospered not only because I had a great products, but because I offered those products at a price nobody could match with service that nobody was willing or could provide.

At the beginning of October 2003 a woman sent me a payment via PayPal (even though I did not accept PayPal). The email -- from PayPal -- said if I wished to receive the payment, just sign up for a PayPal account..."it's quick and easy!" I knew what PayPal was for, but I did not know anything about PayPal or the company. I assumed right away it was legitimate and there was nothing to worry about.

I thought I made a good business decision by signing up for a PayPal account. I accepted the payment and began offering PayPal as a payment option in my eBay auctions.

The first full day I accepted PayPal, I received about $5,000 in payments. Each day on I received about the same amount of money. I never withdrew any money from my PayPal account. I filled the people's orders and decided to keep the money in my PayPal account. When I needed it, I would go back and use it. The rest of the payments I received via check or money orders, I used in full to fund all purchases from my suppliers. It worked out fine.

On October 12, 2003 a customer requested that I send him a refund. I told him I would do so right away. I sent him his refund through PayPal (the refund was for $527.00). The next day, on October 13, 2003 PayPal sends me an email saying my account has been "limited" for suspicious activity. I log into my account and find I have no access to my money. However, PayPal is still accepting payments to my account!

SCREENSHOT: PayPal's "Suspicions"

By this time, I was getting about $10,000 per day added to my PayPal account. It was going to be hard to fill orders now, as more people decided to use PayPal to pay me. This was THE TIME I needed to get money out of PayPal to continue to run my business uninterrupted.

I called PayPal immediately. The PayPal service representative said the computer "flagged" my account for suspicious activity. I asked her what I needed to do to fix all this. She assured me it was easy: fax over my ID, a utility bill, a credit card statement, a list of my suppliers, a list of my inventory, and tracking numbers for certain transactions. The PayPal representative said my account would be reviewed, and a decision made within 48 hours. "Whatever it takes," I said. I faxed all of those things immediately.

Two days came and went without a reply from PayPal. I called PayPal and they told me they never received the faxes. I faxed over all that information again. Another two days came and went. I called PayPal again, and again, they said they never received the faxes. Finally, for a third time, I sent in what they wanted. I then called them immediately and asked if they had the faxes. They assured me that they did have the information. Again, I was told, wait 48 hours so my account could be reviewed.

Mean while, during all this, I was working 18 plus hours per day keeping my business top notch. On the eBay side of things, I was having no problems. However, I assumed, again, PayPal was a legitimate company, and I continued receiving payments to my PayPal account for my auctions. After all I reasoned, my information I sent them was good and verifiable. There was no reason to think they would fix my account.

Ten days after PayPal limited my account, I got an email from PayPal. This email said "we have reviewed your account. At this time your account will be limited for 180 days. After 180 days, you may withdraw your funds." I was in a blind rage. In my blind rage, I did what any other normal person in my position would have done: I signed up for another PayPal account.

This account got limited two days after I opened it. The reason was, again, "suspicious" activity. This account got limited with about $3,000 in it (by this time I began rethinking PayPal and its role in my auctions). PayPal wanted me to play the "fax game" again.

I went back to eBay changed all of my auctions. I would not be accepting PayPal any longer. However, by this time, it was too late. Without at least SOME of my money from my PayPal accounts, I would be about $30,000 short in filling orders. I was in for some deep trouble.

I phoned PayPal and told them that they are destroying my business. I have had no complaints and there was no question in eBay's eyes that I was nothing other than an honest seller. The PayPal representative went on to tell me there would be no appeals and I would have to wait 180 days (six months) to have access to my money. I asked PayPal what evidence did they use to conclude I was engaged in "suspicious" activity? I was told they were not at liberty to discuss how they came to their decision -- it was a privacy issue.

I told PayPal that at this point they were making impossible demands of me. For example, PayPal wanted me to verify my social security number. I was allowed to have TWO PayPal accounts by their rules, but I could only submit my social security number for one account. When I tried to submit my legitimate social security number for my other account, I was not allowed to do so. I was given a "This social security number is linked to another account and cannot be used with this account. Please make sure your social security number is correct." How many social security numbers does PayPal think people have? I decided to enter my business EIN number (tax number, used like a SSN). No luck.

While I completed all of PayPal's steps to get one account "fixed," they refused to review it further because the second account requires that my social security number be verified there as well. However, PayPal will not let me enter it because it is "linked" to another account. The PayPal representative told me "the issues on the other linked account must be resolved" before we can act on the other account. However, PayPal has made it IMPOSSIBLE to do. They will not let me enter the very information that they are requesting!

PayPal then told me no action would be taken on either account until I was able to submit my social security number on the second account (which it will NOT LET ME DO). Therefore, both accounts would remain "limited" forever with the ability to withdraw funds after 180 days.

I continued filling the orders of those who had paid me via check or money order. However, I had no way to fill all of the orders from the persons who paid via PayPal. I filled the orders of many of those who paid me with PayPal by using profits from the other purchases. I was at this point working for no money. For the remaining orders that I could not fill (about $10,000 worth), I wrote each one of them an email telling them what was happening. I told them how PayPal is denying me access to their payments and that I could not ship to them without this access. Second, I told them PayPal would not let me give refunds. They would have to request PayPal send them their money back.

That was a big mistake. PayPal told them they would have to open up a "complaint" in order to get their money back. However, it was not my actions that was preventing me from filling my orders, it was PayPal's actions. I responded to the complaints indicating that refunds should be given.

The downward spiral began. Trying to do the right thing by keeping my customers first, I left myself with no money to continue my business. The only money I had left was the money locked up in PayPal. And they were not going to give me a dime of what was left -- even though those transactions were NOT in dispute and I proved to PayPal that ALL those persons did get their ordered items. That amounted to about $40,000 in frozen funds.

I called PayPal again in December of 2003 -- The customer service representative told me it was my fault because "I did not know how to run a business." I was doing fine running my business before I got involved with PayPal. The investigations of my business activities were completed and I was charged with no crimes. The only thing I was guilty of was being naive enough to have put my trust in PayPal. For that giving the trust, I had already been punished.

I got my life back on track and starting in early 2005 began contacting PayPal again about my money. PayPal told me that my money was available for withdrawal, but since my accounts were still limited and now not verified, I would not be able to send/transfer money out of my PayPal accounts. My only option would be to withdraw money from my account requesting a check to my verified address or a bank transfer to my bank account. However, I would limited to withdrawing $500 per month of MY money.

This was my money, more than 180 days passed where PayPal has NO risk of charge backs or buyer disputes, yet they limit me to how much of my money I can take out of my accounts!

I go back to my accounts and try to add my new information. Of course, since I am living overseas, it will not accept my address, my foreign bank account or my VISA card issued by that foreign bank.

I contact PayPal again and tell them my problem. They send me a scripted email telling me these particular accounts are only available to U.S. residents, and then showing me how I can open an account in my country. That does nothing to help me.

I get PayPal on the phone and explain to them I want my money back. I live overseas in a country where PayPal is accepted and in fact PayPal has its European headquarters. It is not like I am asking this money be sent to Nigeria. The operator tells me to change my address information in my accounts and a check will be issued. I told the service representative the account will NOT LET ME CHANGE IT TO MY REAL, VALID address. If PayPal would only accept my new information, verifying that information would be a breeze!

I am told no, I cannot do that. So I ask PayPal to close my account and send me my money. I am told that I can close my PayPal accounts -- and withdraw the funds -- by logging into my account and closing my account. However, my PayPal accounts are limited (remember the social security number situation?), and limited accounts MAY NOT BE CLOSED. So I am right back where I started.

It only further proved to me what distance PayPal will go to try to keep somebody else's' money. I encountered the very same situation with a brokerage account that I had. Do you know what happened? I called the brokerage (Scotrade if they do not mind me mentioning) and told them I lived overseas and needed to withdraw my money from my account and close the account. Do you know what they did? They said, "Sir, send us a letter authorizing us to close your account and authorizing us to send the money to your new address." I sent the letter and got a check two weeks later. PayPal can't do that? Sure they can, they DON'T WANT TO.

I offered PayPal the alternative of transferring my PayPal accounts to my country of residence. Easy right? Transfer my U.S. PayPal accounts to my new place of residence. From there, I can verify all the details of my accounts in accordance with local PayPal regulations. "I'm sorry, but we can't do that," explained the PayPal supervisor. You "can't" or you "won't"? Man has flown to the moon and returned safely but PayPal cannot transfer my account to my home jurisdiction.

This just proves PayPal will do anything to keep my money -- and yours. The years 2005 and 2006 came and went. Now, in 2007, I have continued my battle to get MY money back.

Here is the definition of stealing: it is to take the property of another without right or permission. For four years now, PayPal has held my money hostage. I will not say PayPal STOLE my money -- that would imply I have given up and will let them keep it. As long as I keep fighting for my money, it is only being held hostage. Yet the effect is, PayPal has stole my money.

I communicated with PayPal in January, February, March, April, May, June, and July of 2007 to try to get my money back. I was treated rudely, with disdain and arrogance, and with finality. The bottom line is: PayPal does not want to give me my money back.

A note to those who have advice for me: I tried everything I could to get my money back -- both legitimate and not legitimate. Moving back to America and withdrawing my money $500 monthly is not an option. Using a family member's information is not an option. Setting up a U.S. address and verifying it with a prepaid U.S. credit (so the checks could be send to that address and then mailed to me in my country) is not an option. Having my mail forwarded so that when PayPal sends me a check to my old verified address, the check will be sent to me. I have looked at this problem from every possible angle. I have built up a knowledge base about PayPal and how it works to rival any book on the subject. Plus, WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO GO THROUGH SUCH EXTREME ACTIONS just to get MY MONEY BACK? It is my money, and PayPal should make it easy for me to get it. Period.


At this point, I was really, really, really pissed off...

Screw-PayPal.com is Born

In June of 2007 I finally had enough. I was so angry with PayPal and what they did to me, I decided to focus my anger towards exposing PayPal for what they are: a den of thieves. Over the years I have come across anti-Paypal sites and more commonly, anti-PayPal information on the web. There is probably only one good anti-PayPal site out there today. The rest were lacking in real information and real originality.

I also noticed there were so many people like me that had been screwed by PayPal. While it felt good that I was not alone, I felt that more needed to be done to help these people out and inform the public about what kind of company PayPal is.

I decided I was going to make my own site. I had the information and ideas in my head, but I had no knowledge at all on what it takes to make a website from scratch, host a website, maintain a website, or deal with all the computer programs needed to put something together. PayPal pissed me off so bad I learned.

I said earlier that when people make a contribution to whatever cause they choose, they do it within their ability. What you see right now -- and all the stuff you don't see behind-the-scenes -- is what I was able to create with what I have learned in a two month period (June & July 2007). As I learn more, this site is going to get better and better. I can only do so much. It is up to you to participate by giving your ideas on how this site can be made better.

UPDATE: Screw-PayPal.com: It Got Me My Money Back

The success of Screw-PayPal.com gave pause to the folks at eBay and PayPal. On October 26, 2007, PayPal deposited $40,461.43 to my bank account. After four years of PayPal telling me why they could not (or would not) return my money to me, they returned my funds. It was suddenly so easy for them to return my money.

There is no doubt in my mind: Had I not created this website, my money would still be sitting in PayPal's bank account today.

How You Can Help

Your concern with PayPal should not end because YOUR PayPal problem got solved. There are still millions of persons out there with PayPal problems. There will be millions more in the future unless we change how PayPal operates.

The fact that you are visiting this site helps the cause. Use it and enjoy it. But there are other things you can do to help! Please consider one of the following:

I know you have your life to live -- the world does not revolve around PayPal. I have my life to live as well and would like nothing better than to put PayPal behind me. However, when my PayPal problem is eventually solved, I will continue to fight PayPal on your behalf. In the meantime, try to do something to help this website. It doesn't take much to make a difference, and I will take whatever you offer this site and make it count!


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