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PayPal is great...until they screw you. PayPal unjustly denied me access to my funds for almost FOUR YEARS. After building this website, PayPal gave me my money back. I fought back and WON. Now it's YOUR TURN...On May 12, 2010, a Class Action Law Suit was filed against PayPal (and eBay) for their acts of freezing your money "without justification, reasonable cause or explanation." The Lawsuit continues as of September 2011! Still ready to trust PayPal with your money?

Paypal is a monopoly and will screw you because THEY CAN. PayPal makes money off your PayPal problems. PayPal earns MILLIONS of dollars in interest from your frozen funds. Chances are you are here because PayPal is denying you access to your funds (even though you did NOTHING wrong) or because you got scammed and PayPal does not want to help you. Probably, PayPal actually sided with the scammers! Maybe you have experienced:

...At, you can find all the help you need. We are not only the internet's #1 anti-PayPal site -- we're the biggest. We do not only "say" PayPal is bad. We prove it. We do not only let you know what the "problem" is. We help you solve yours!

The Ultimate Survival Guide is Finally Here! PayPal or eBay account frozen? Need a new account or multiple accounts? Find out EVERY way to SOLVE every PayPal or eBay Problem including...

YES. This information is relevant for EVERY COUNTRY where PayPal & eBay are available! Every Tool & Trick in the Book...this is the ULTIMATE PayPal & eBay Survival Package! This is the REAL DEAL and you can't afford to not take a minute and check this out...


New PayPal Class Action Lawsuit 2011: Lawyers Sue PayPal!

Fred & Weiss LLC Slams PayPal in California U.S. District Court: Claims PayPal Arbitrarily Freezes Funds Despite PayPal Advertising "Easy Access to Your Funds..."

On May 12, 2010, a Class Action Lawsuit was filed against PayPal and its corporate owner, eBay for their arbitrary acts of holding account holder's money "without justification, reasonable cause, and without explaination."

According to the lawsuit, "Tens of thousands of people have been victimized, financially ruined and/or choked out of business due to PayPal's 'systematic and arbitrary' freezing of people's money, without cause, reason, or explaination."

You can view or download a copy of the lawsuit filed in California U.S. District Court HERE.

Sue PayPal!

Sue PayPal in Small Claims Court...AND WIN!

You may not get Judge Judy to hear your case (but it might be worth a try to contact the show and see if you could), but there is a judge that will hear your case if you do the work you need to do! You do not have to buy a book or pay somebody for advice on how to do this. is happy to provide you with the information that you need to Sue PayPal in Small Claims Court...AND WIN! Find out more...

NEW: Got Legal Papers to Serve PayPal? We Got Addresses for ALL 50 States!

NEW: Check out this article submitted by M. Guthenberg, ESQ: How to Sue PayPal and Other Companies

PayPal Problems Canada: Sue PayPal in Small Claims Court...AND WIN!

If you live in Canada, you can sue PayPal to get your money back. Canada's small claims systems are very similar to the small claims courts in the United States. If you think you have a case and want to stop playing PayPal's games, consider filing a case. It's fast, it's easy, it's cheap...and it works!

NEW: Got Legal Papers to Serve? Serve PayPal at this Canadian Address!



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